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Payety Exchange – a cryptocurrency exchange. Buy Bitcoin & Ethereum with VISA and MasterCard at best exchange rates.

Payety Trading – a copy trading platform. Smart crypto trading and investment on autopilot. Copy-trade trading bots created by best traders in crypto. Multi-exchange crypto trading terminal with strategy automation allows you to set Take Profit and Stop Loss on every exchange you trade. Currently, we support spot trading on Binance, Bittrex, FTX and futures trading on cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX.


AML policy

This procedure establishes the order of realizing the requirements of law regulations, which regulate money laundering and terrorist financing prevention.

As a provider of virtual currency payment processing and exchange Services, Payety is fully committed to conducting due diligence on our clients and ensuring that all applicable laws and regulations necessary to forestall and prevent money laundering. These include the process of verification - confirming the identity and personal information of our sellers and buyers. Some of the following documents, but not only, might be required during the verification process:

  • Government issued International Passport
  • Government issued Identity Card
  • Government issued Driving License
  • Selfie with Identity Document
  • Utility bill or Bank Statement, not older than 6 months (paper versions or electronic versions are allowed, no modifications are allowed to the documents)
  • Photo of Credit Card (in specific cases, only when making payment with your Debit/Credit Cards)
  • Selfie with Credit Card (in specific cases, only when making payment with your Debit/Credit Cards)
  • Photo with a printed or handwritten declaration (in specific cases, for high amounts)

Please note: All required documents should be provided in a good quality, all texts should be readable, there should not be any modifications or edits of the document photos, otherwise we would have to reject them and request new copies without modification or in better quality.


About Wunderbit

Bitcoin exchange Wunderbit is one of the world pioneers in licensed cryptocurrency trading. We are an accredited and regulated financial institution that allows its clients to buy and sell Bitcoin safely and securely at best exchange rates.

Established in Estonia in 2018, Wunderbit is run by a passionate team of experts from the fields of finance, trading, anti-money-laundering, and software development.

You can acquaint yourself with our certificates, licenses, and accreditations here.

How do I get started with Wunderbit?

All you need to sign up for a Wunderbit account is to provide a valid email address and create a password. After creating your account, you will need to go through a short verification procedure to confirm your identity. Once you are verified, you will be able to start trading immediately.

If you will want to expand your trade limits in the future, you will be able to do that by going through additional levels of verification.

Wunderbit only asks for, stores, and uses data which is strictly necessary to provide you with its service and to comply with applicable laws and regulations

What is Bitcoin?

Often called ‘the future of money’, Bitcoin is the world’s most popular and widely-recognized digital currency. Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin is not controlled by any government or central bank. Instead, Bitcoin runs on a decentralized, peer-to-peer system secured through advanced cryptography.

While traditional currencies are inflationary and are designed to depreciate in value over time, Bitcoin is a deflationary currency with an eventual supply limit of 21,000,000 coins. This lack of designed inflation makes Bitcoin a good option for storing wealth.

What is Blockchain?

The blockchain technology is an innovative technology that serves as the backbone of Bitcoin. At its simplest, the blockchain can be explained as a multifaceted, digital record-keeping system that secures, verifies, and stores data on all Bitcoin transactions. The blockchain is not stored on any central server but is instead distributed through a decentralized, peer-to-peer system. Bitcoin’s blockchain is completely open and transparent, which helps ensure its security and protect users from fraud.

How to buy Bitcoin?

In order to buy Bitcoin, you have to register a Wunderbit account and go through the verification procedure. Once you are verified, you will be able to buy and sell Bitcoin using several payment methods.

How to sell Bitcoin?

In order to sell Bitcoin, you have to register a Wunderbit account and go through the verification procedure. Once you are verified, you will be able to buy and sell Bitcoin using various means of payment.

Is it possible to buy Bitcoin without verification?

Wunderbit Exchange is an accredited financial institution that complies with all the rules and regulations governing the cryptocurrency sector. In order to meet legislative requirements and provide our clients with a safe and reliable service, we cannot offer users to buy or sell Bitcoin anonymously at our Bitcoin Exchange.

Our registration process is quick and simple. We only ask for and store the bare minimum of user data necessary to ensure our service. Wunderbit is GDPR compliant, ensures top-grade data security, and will never disclose your data to any third party without your express consent.

To find out which documents are required for specific levels of verification, please consult the dedicated section of our website.

Why should I start accepting payments in Bitcoin?

There are a number of benefits. First, reaching a new audience has never been easier before. By starting to accept Bitcoin payments you gain access to $250 billion crypto market. Second, unlike traditional payment processing you don't have any chargebacks or rolling reserve.

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